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Sandwiches for Kids #2

Cooked Sandwiches for Kids #2

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 1

Nutritional Value

Continuing with my first sandwiches "Bunny" и "Grape Sprig" Today I'm posting the next two - "Lionel" и "Monkey", Which my kids devoured again, well, very quickly!

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Ingredients for Toddler Sandwiches #2:

  • Tomato (small piece)
  • Sausage - 3 slice.
  • Cream cheese - 2 slice.
  • Carrots (small piece)
  • Parsley (couple of sprigs)
  • Lettuce leaves / Lettuce - 4 pcs
  • Green peas - 2 pcs
  • Hard cheese - 2 slices.
  • Mayonnaise - 3 tablespoon
  • Bread (rye) - 2 slices.
  • Mushrooms (pickled) - 1 pc

How to cook sandwiches for kids #2 step by step with photos

So... Let's start with the sandwich "Monkey". Put two lettuce leaves on a plate and top with a slice of bread greased with mayonnaise.

From the sausage we cut out an almost round oval - the head, a smaller oval - the body, two long strips - the front legs and two shorter ones - the back legs. We put it on the bread.

From the sausage cut a thin long strip (around the circle of the sausage) - the tail, cut a circle and cut it in the middle - the ears, a small triangle from a tomato - the mouth, the same triangle from a carrot - the nose, Cut peas in half - eyes, parsley leaf - chubik, the branch from parsley - bridge between a mouth and a nose, cut a strip from cheese - a branch on which the monkey hangs (can be replaced by straw). And we put everything on our sandwich, like on the photo.

And now, the sandwich "The lion cub". For this sandwich, I fried the bread in a pan with a little sunflower oil on both sides. Put a slice of bread on the plate, put mayonnaise on it, and top with two lettuce leaves.

From the cheese cut out two half hearts - a mane (if you have a large slice of cheese, you can cut a heart at once)

Make notches on the sides of the cut cheese to make the mane look more spectacular. We cut three circles from melted cheese, two of them we cut in half - feet and belly, peas in half - eyes, from sausage we cut out a circle - torso, two small circles - ears, from cap of a mushroom we cut off a side - nose, from a small piece of tomato we cut out a triangle - mouth, parsley leaves - eyebrows and moustaches (you can use fennel for moustaches).

And now we put it all on our sandwich, as on the photo! That's all! Hurry up to please our little angels - little and not really!!! Bon Appetit!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
1341.3 Calories
71 g
55.1 g
139.3 g
119.8 Calories
6.3 g
4.9 g
12.4 g

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