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Tiger sandwich

Cooked Tiger Sandwich

Nutritional Value

Cooked tiger sandwich, ♪ We're gonna have a good time ♪ ♪ We'll sing songs for the tiger ♪, For a joyous New Year's Eve! For our favorite kids I present my variant of the New Year festive occasion for children, especially for the contest "Gorenje: New Year composition"

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Ingredients for tiger sandwich:

  • Cream cheese (or creamy cottage cheese).. To add orange color, replace cheese or curd mass with zucchini caviar!!!) - 2 tablespoon
  • Sausage (doctor's, any boiled) - 150 g
  • Butter - 1 tablespoon
  • Bread (black bread, white bread can also be used) - 0.5 pc
  • Salad leaves / Lettuce (for decoration) - 1 pc
  • Greens (to taste, I took green onions (chop them finely), it came out very tasty) - 1 bundle.

How to cook tiger sandwich step by step with photos

Let's mix together green onions, cheese (or cottage cheese, zucchini caviar) and butter.

Cut the bread about 7 mm thick (you can cut it to the size of the sausage).

Spread our butter mixture on the bread and put a piece of sausage, then put butter mixture and a piece of bread on top...[:-} [:-} [:-}

Here we make such a pyramid, wrap it in clingfilm and put in fridge until butter stiffens. *OK*

Let's cut this pyramid into "tiger" sandwiches of desired shape... *SCRATCH* We can cut it into canapes...

My nephew Timofey started his meal with chocolate Christmas-tree decorations, and finished it with sandwiches :-[

Bon appetit!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
544.9 Calories
31.5 g
45.3 g
2.8 g
201.8 Calories
11.7 g
16.8 g
1 g

Greens, Butter, Sausage, Cheese, Bread, Salad leaves, Salad, Snacks, Sandwiches, Open Sandwich

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