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Meat dishes in the steamer recipes

Steamed khanumchiks - My Variant

Cooked junkies steamed - my variant

After the holidays and on the eve of new ones we want to give our bodies a little rest. So I came up with the idea to make steamed rolls. Stuffing is prefabricated, and it turned out very tasty and juicy. Welcome to!

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Ingredients and taste: Meat, Salt, Black Pepper, Flour, Wheat Flour, Potatoes, Yummy, Greens, Butter, Onions, Spices, Juicy, Cilantro, Milk, Cabbage, Сooked in Steamer, Meat dishes in steamer

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Korean manty with kimchi

Cooked Korean Manti with Kimchi

Kimchi van mandu. Many people are familiar with simple (Uzbek) manty with meat and pumpkin and/or onions. I suggest the cooks expand their horizons a little bit and get acquainted with the Korean version of manty (mandu)

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Garlic, Red Hot Pepper, Soy Sauce, Spicy, Flour, Sugar, Vinegar, Onions, Ginger, Pork, Water, Green onions, Sesame, Tofu, Chinese cabbage, Noodles, Spice Mixture, Сooking, Meat dishes in steamer, Duck breast, Jusai

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Sausage from the steam cooker

Cooked sausage from the steamer

Time to cook: 50 minutes

Here's another version of steamed sausage. It's just as easy and very tasty! The sausage is juicy, tastes great, holds its shape and does not fall apart! It's perfect for a good first part of the day, for people who lose weight or care about their figure!

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Ingredients and taste: Chicken Egg, Salt, Garlic, Sausage, Seasoning, Onions, Pork, Meat Dish, Cheese, Chicken Fillet, Сooking, Steamer

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